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Artistic Director | Dancer | Choreographer

Claudia de la Cruz, Graphic Designer, Dancer and Choreographer was born in Monterrey Mexico, with Andalusian blood originally from Jerez, Spain “Cradle of Flamenco Art”. Jerez is a picturesque region situated Southwestern of Andalusia Western and Northwest of the province of Cadiz, summoned to court in a zone of countryside formed by the fertile plain of the Guadalquivir by the Guadalete River. Claudia de la Cruz initiated her profession in the world of dance when she was only 5 years old. Some of the disciplines she studied are: Classic and Contemporary Ballet, Jazz, Flamenco, Belly Dance, Tap and Mexican Folkloric.

Between all the forms of expression years after, Flamenco dance became the most important part of her life, where she developed a great passion and love for this art. Claudia began studying dance with maestros such as Sabas Santos, Patricia Linares and Zandra Guerra in Mexico, La Tati and Ciro at Madrid’s Amor de Dios studios in Spain, as well as talented world dancers such as Domingo Ortega, Belen Maya, Andres Mari­n, Yolanda Heredia, Isabel Bayon and Juana Amaya (just to name a few). In addition to having participated as soloist in the company Grupo Sevilla with Sabas Santos, Claudia Villarreal, and guitarists Genaro Salazar and Miguel Fuentes, Claudia has shared the stage with important names of flamenco people and recognized artists in a variety of disciplines and performances such as Chinin de Triana,Yorgo Grecia, Ramon Yslas, Gabriel Reyna, Benito Palacios, John Simpson, Manos de Fuego Higgy Velazquez, Gabriela Garza & Rafael Aragon, Grupo Huayucaltia, Antonieta Villamil Caza de Poesia (Cante Jondo para Aztlan), Martin Espino, The Hop-Frog Kollectiv, Santos sin Ropas among others. She has danced for long periods in Cafes cantantes and tablaos in Mexico like el Mesón del Olivo, Fonda San Miguel, Las Mañanitas Restaurant and in the USA like Tapas Grill, Alegrias, Shelly’s Bistro Cafe, Boardwalk Cafe, Plaza Garibaldi with her more recent endevour Gitanerias Cafe Flamenco Den. Now back starting 2008 to Tapas Grill Restaurant-Flavors of Spain.

Claudia de la Cruz has also performed in theaters (CSUF Grand Central Arts Center, Luckman Theatre, Chapman University, among others), Museums (Bowers Museum & Bowers Kidseum), Tablaos, Festivals (Festival Internacional Cervantino) and a variety of spectacles. Claudia de la Cruz founded her own Flamenco Dance Company “Tierra Flamenca” in 2003 which is a company of artists, strong, gypsy and elegant who perform Claudia’s choreography with passion and focus. Humanistic in the most profound sense, they explore their own intellectual, physical and artistic depths and reveal new possibilities in women’s partnering. Claudia de la Cruz has established herself as a gypsy poet of eclectic dance today…. Her work measures the movement of the heart, soul and passion.

Tierrita Flamenca is another Claudia de la Cruz’ project on an effort to preserve the passion of flamenco dance through youngsters and teenagers. Tierrita Flamenca is the petite version of her formal Adult Tierra Flamenca Dance Company founded in 2004 with 7 of her most talented students. Regardless their age (7 and 8 years old), the girls put all the heart needed to flamenco performance, as an after-class activity that has become part of their lifestyle. Every week, Claudia de la Cruz teach this little girls flamenco basis and dance structure helping them to serve as a roll model to the rest of the Cultural Stage of Art School enhancing their sensibility, self-esteem, confidence and discipline. Claudia de la Cruz alternates performing and teaching at Cultural Stage of Art, a philantropic organization mainly focused on quality flamenco instruction and culture development for children and youth, where everybody is welcome.

Cultural Stage of Art is located in the Artists Village in the City of Santa Ana, California.
Cultural Stage of Art
Claudia de la Cruz Flamenco Institute located at:
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