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La Casa de Bernarda Alba (producción teatral)

Claudia de la Cruz will be performing (dancing) at this dramatic play from Lighthouse Productions, tickets available at CDLX Flamenco Studio located in Santa Ana, Orange County or directly at the theater (Play in Spanish)

The House of Bernarda Alba (Spanish: La casa de Bernarda Alba) is a play by the Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca.


Lorca described the play in its subtitle as a drama of women in the villages of Spain. The House of Bernarda Alba was Lorca’s last play, completed on 19 June 1936, two months before Lorca’s death during the Spanish Civil War. The play was first performed in 1945. The play centers on the events of a house in Andalusia during a period of mourning, in which Bernarda Alba (aged 60) wields total control over her five daughters Angustias (39 years old), Magdalena (30), Amelia (27), Martirio, (24), and Adela (20). The housekeeper (La Poncia) and Bernarda’s elderly mother (María Josefa) also live there.


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